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About SIGN

SIGN has numerous corporate partnerships and employs more than 20 people. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for manufacturing the SIGN IM Nail system, which includes an intramedullary nail, interlocking screws and instrumentation. The system is specifically designed for use in hospitals in developing countries where real time imaging and power equipment are not available. Currently, SIGN engineers are designing new implants to address a broader range of fractures in the femur and tibia.

SIGN has more than 130 programs throughout the developing world. More than 3000 SIGN surgeons use the SIGN system on a daily basis to repair fractures largely caused by road traffic accidents. Since 1999 more than 26,000 patients have been treated with the SIGN system. As we spread throughout the developing world and broaden the fixation devices we offer, we continue to hold fast to our vision of creating equality of fracture care throughout the world.
Please visit the SIGN website at www.signfracturecare.org